Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Read on for www.raresbesliu.com enforceable online store terms of use.

The website entitled www.raresbesliu.com. is managed by an LLC, namely Seven Pro Distribution SRL, incorporated with Romanian tax registration authorities under number RO 26330428, registered as J40/10419/2014 with the Romanian Trade Register, Bucharest High Court of Justice.

Our prices are updated on a daily basis. Prices in an order submitted to us shall remain valid for 48 hours since order confirmation.

This contract observes all Romanian legislation in force at present. Any dispute arising from misinterpretation or enforcement of the present contract shall be solved amicably; in the unfortunate event they reach no agreement whatsoever, the parties shall address a competent court of law.

Seven Pro Distribution SRL is entitled to refuse to sell its products to any client who acts or behaves inadequately (aggressive or indecent language and/or behaviour, etc) or has declined product delivery before.

Copyright Disclaimer

The entire content on the website entitled www.raresbesliu.com, including the Newsletters, is fully owned by Seven Pro Distribution SRL and is protected by copyright laws (namely by the provisions of Law 8/1996) as well as all and any laws regarding intellectual property.

It is forbidden to use any of the content on the afore-mentioned website – images, texts, graphs, symbols, web design elements, emails, scripts, programmes or any data whatsoever – for commercial purposes or against Seven Pro Distribution SRL without prior written agreement of the company. For any issues regarding intellectual property, please contact us at rares@raresbesliu.com.
Using any of the elements mentioned above without prior consent of Seven Pro Distribution SRL will be sanctioned according to the legislation in force.

Privacy Agreement

When you access www.raresbesliu.com you implicitly agree to observe the confidentiality clause; this is a two-party remote agreement.

All information supplied by Seven Pro Distribution SRL shall be used solely for the purpose it was collected, namely to make orders/purchase product(s) from the online store, as per legislation in force. Seven Pro Distribution SRL shall never disclose to any third party your email address, shall not encourage spamming and shall not disclose data from its customers unless they have provided their prior explicit agreement. Any user has the right to erase their email address from the database in one easy step: send a request at rares@raresbesliu.com. Our company, Seven Pro Distribution SRL, has the right to select its cutomers.

Seven Pro Distribution SRL hereby acknowledges it shall observe the rights stated by Law 677/2001 regarding data protection and the processing of your personal data as well as regarding the free circulation of personal data.

Seven Pro Distribution SRL guarantees for data protection and data privacy hosted by and communicated through its system. This data will be used by Seven Pro Distribution SRL to send customers order confirmation, special offers, promotional offers or the like only with prior customer consent.

The customer hereby acknowledges intellectual property rights and shall not disclose any of the information received from Seven Pro Distribution SRL to third parties nor shall they make it public (on the internet or through the media).

The name of the website as well as all the graphics and logos are trademark of Seven Pro Distribution SRL and cannot be taken over, copied or used without the written consent of the owner.

The images featured on the website shall be considered samples, therefore the product delivered to a customer can sometimes vary to a certain degree – colour, accessories, general aspect Seven Pro Distribution SRL has the right to change technical specifications of its products without any prior notice.

Supplying personal data to Seven Pro Distribution SRL does not incur any obligation from the users who can refuse to supply such data in any circumstance and have the right to ask for it to be erased from the company database.

Legal Warranty

Seven Pro Distribution SRL shall give legal warranty of the products sold through its online store as per legal provisions in force. Seven Pro Distribution SRL offers a commercial guarantee valid for 30 (thirty) days since receipt of the product. In order to get coverage please provide proof of purchase (invoice) as well as the Warranty Certificate in original or in copy. Any complaint regarding guarantee covered by the Warranty period shall be addressed to the Customer Care department.


All orders are shipped from our storage facility in Bucharest and shall reach their destination within 1-5 business days since the order was placed and acknowledged. At checkout you can choose how you want that order to be delivered to you.

Delivery can be made either:

  • via courier; or
  • you can opt for personal pick-up from our headquarters.

Return and Refund

The customer has the right to return product(s) ordered within 14 (fourteen) days since its/their receipt as per Government Emergency Ordinance 34/2014 regarding customer rights in the case of remote agreements. The date of receipt of a product is considered to be the date the product was received from the courier’s representative. That date can be checked and proved by consulting the shipping/delivery documents handed by the courier. Within the above-mentioned term the customer can unilaterally terminate the agreement without a reason as per GEO 34/2014 regarding remote agreements, in writing only, and can return the product only if it is in perfect condition (including the untouched protective film) so that it can be furtherly sold as a brand new product. The customer shall notify the Customer Care department about their intention to return a product, in writing (via email) and shall return said product at the address mentioned in the email that was sent to the customer regarding the return/refund procedure together with the form below. Seven Pro Distribution SRL shall reimburse the customer the price paid for the product(s) in the account indicated by the customer in the return form within 14 (fourteen) business days since the company received the product returned by the customer. The customer shall pay the transportation fee for the returned product(s).

The customer shall be fully reimbursed only if the product(s) returned are in perfect condition and their packaging is intact, with no signs of deterioration. Any deterioration of the product caused by the customer or by improper use of the product shall be borne by the customer. If any product was used by the customer and cannot be returned in perfect condition, Seven Pro Distribution SRL is in no position to reimburse the customer for it.

Please fill in the following form if you want to terminate the agreement:

To: Seven Pro Distribution SRL

I hereby notify you that I (name, surname) want to terminate our agreement regarding the sale/purchase of the following product (s) identified as/by:

Ordered on (day/month/year) and received on (day/month/year);

Name on order: (name, surname);

Delivery address: (please fill in address for delivery);

Signature (only in case this form is filled on paper). In order to use the right to terminate this agreement you shall notify us about your decision to terminate the present agreement through an unequivocal statement such as a letter sent via post, fax or email.

In order to observe the termination deadline you shall send the notification before the expiry date. Any request received later shall not be taken into consideration.

If you request to terminate our agreement, we shall reimburse any amount we have received from you, including the cost of shipping/delivery (except any extra cost that result from your choice of another delivery method than the standard delivery we offer) without any unnecessary delay and no later than 14 (fourteen) business days since you notified us regarding your decision to terminate this agreement. We shall reimburse your money using the same method that was used for the initial payment except for the case when you have purposedly chosen to be reimbursed via a different payment method. In any case, there will be no fees attached to this reimbursement.

We have the right to delay reimbursement until the date when we receive our products from you or until the date you send us proof you have returned the product(s). The soonest date shall be chosen.

Unresolved issues

Shall any other issues arise that seem to be impossible to be solved via email or with one of our sales people, please contact Bogdan Gheorghinoiu at 0743 198 680 or @ shop@raresbesliu.com, from Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m – 6 p.m.

Payment Methods:

– cash on delivery, if you checked the option delivery in Romania via Fan Courier;

– card payment via Netopia Payments. For this type of payment, delivery of product(s) shall be made once the money entered our bank account. _

_ _


Orders shall be processed, shipped and delivered within 5 (five) business days since the order was placed on the online store website.