My life as it is today was born in lockdown, that was the moment when I changed direction at 180 degrees.

Before that I was just another full-time entrepreneur who took photos in his free time. The pandemic and its travel restrictions “forced” me to stay in Romania so I decided to grab my camera and take my time to discover my home country.

Through the lens I was able to perceive the beauty of our mountains and I managed to really appreciate the Danube Delta and its incredibly busy life from early spring to late autumn. That’s exactly when I fell in love – head over heels – with wildlife photography. It had all started as a whim and, before I knew it, my hobby turned into the most important thing in my life.

Dor de Viscri was my first photo project; it is an album meant to illustrate how much I love my country and the authenticity of a village where one can experience slow living. It reminded me so much of my own childhood that I strived to turn the time I spent there into a memorable book.

In time I realized that wildlife photography is my thing and I should stick to it because it gives me so much satisfaction. I try to do fine art photography so I look for one-of-a-kind postures and attempt to capture feelings, hence I wait for the right light or event and subsequently choose only that one image that tells a story and creates emotion in me.

My life as it is today was born in lockdown, that was the moment when I changed direction at 180 degrees.

emoții is my second photo album that was launched in December 2023. Its 300 pages exhibit the most intense feelings I have witnessed and the very best shots I have taken since I became one with nature and let her be my guide. There you can see birds from the Danube Delta and brown bears from the Carpathians as well, plus Faroe Islands puffins, arctic terns from Iceland, flamingoes from Cuba, Canadian black squirrels, North Pole white bears and many more.

July 2023 marks the debut of several La NORD de cuvinte (North of Words) trips. For me, photographing polar bears was a must, so I started to read a lot about them and their habitat. This opened my eyes on how climate change affects our daily lives and I knew it was imperative to do something to help the environment. So far I have started this project and founded the La NORD de cuvinte Association in an attempt to educate Romanians on climate change effects and have travelled to Svalbard Archipelago, Greenland, Iceland and Churchill, Canada.