This is a photo album about your emotions when you look at the images, the emotions of the souls in them, my emotions when I am near the animals.

Believing that animals don’t have feelings is like believing that we are the only ones on this Planet.

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North of words

What we do counts more than what we say.

This photo project tells the story of nature going from up North (Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland and Northern Canada) all the way to Romania.

Climate change may be best observed at the North Pole, but it starts here too. Although climate change starts from everywhere else, including here, it is first visible round the North Pole. Europe is getting warmer twice as fast as the global average and Romania is no exception.

We cannot escape climate change or avoid it – it is going to affect each and every one of us, no matter how old, rich or educated we might be. There is no spare Earth. It affects us all, from small to large. I don't care about age, education or social status.

We have the same 'home', but we live in different worlds.

While humans ask me, animals just give me: excitement, reassurance, they define and fulfill me. They taught me patience and unconditional joy. They teach me life lessons with every moment we spend together. I also give them time and hope they will always welcome me into their world

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Interview with Carmen Strungaru

I came across a few interviews with Carmen Strungaru as I was browsing the web for articles about emotions in the animal world.

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Interview with Richard Constantinoff

That picture wants to tell its own story. And I give it this freedom. I take a step back and let it carry me in the story it tells...

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Interview with Doru Groza

They have taught me that in nature there is no good and evil; they don’t act in terms of useful versus useless; balance is the key! I have noticed…

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