This is a photo album about your emotions when you look at the images, the emotions of the souls in them, my emotions when I am near the animals.

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Rareș Beșliu

From courage to fear, from jealousy to love – we all have these feelings, as long as we allow ourselves to experience them. Animals don’t blush, their paws don’t sweat, they don’t get wrinkles and can’t cry “I miss you”. But anyone with a good eye will, nevertheless, see how different they quarrel, fluff their feathers, dance, put out their claws, show their teeth, exchange gifts, bark, scream or howl.

You don’t need to be a specialist to see the hope in the eyes of the bear, the fear of the ground squirrel, the care of the great crested grebe mother or the shyness of the little egret. They brought me the peace and joy of being with them for hours, and you only need a moment to watch them.

I will show you how to love animals. I will make you admire the flight of birds. You will open your eyes wide and see things unseen yet!

Believing that animals don’t have feelings is like believing that we are the only ones on this Planet.

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Language: Romanian | English
Release year: 2023
Pages: 300
Photos: 151
Format: 320 x 257mm
Cover: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-973-0-39233-3
Made in Romania
Foreword by Gáspár György