I miss the guts


“The blue house, with quince in the window, which I found in Viscri, woke me up from my childhood, from that sacred, mysterious place, only mine, where I felt beautiful, immortal, loved and protected, and who left his mark on my future (…) ”


Dor de Viscri - the first photo album about Viscri, illustrated with 86 images and told in three languages (Romanian, English, German).

It's an album about simplicity and authenticity. About childhood and a beautiful life, about acceptance and coexistence, about longing and passion. It presents the life of the village of yesterday and today, with uncontaminated traditions and good people, involved in the community, who sanctify the place and make it look more alive than 200 years ago, at its birth. It takes you in nature, on the streets, up the hill, down the valley, through the houses and home. You know another world, seen through the lens of the two photographers in love with Viscri, the village that enchanted even Prince Charles.

Missing Viscri is not just a photo album. It's an experience in itself, a journey that starts from the first touch of the cover and takes you smoothly through the story. It's an album that lets you read it like a book first and imagine your place and people page by page. Then, in the second part, he urges you to carefully study the 86 photos and compare them with your imagination. Now you are browsing through a photo art album, where each image has been carefully thought out and does not allow you to be distracted by any other visual element. The format of the book allows you to take the photos and frame them, because you will surely fall in love with a character, a landscape or a detail of the area.

Dor de Viscri is the album that you can give even to the most demanding art collectors, being designed to the highest quality standards. It is the kind of work that any book lover wants in the library and can't wait to get into the hands of his grandchildren, with the hope that they will love the Romanian village just as much.

If you also like to dream, then Miss Viscri is for you!

Starting August 19th.

I miss the guts

Authors: Rareș Beșliu,  Adrian Năsturică, Ioana Flangea

Language: Romanian | German | English

Year of publication: 2021

Edition: 1

Pages: 244

Format: 300x245 mm

Cover type: hardcover

ISBN: 978-973-0-34932-0


Printed in-house

Made in Romania

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